Welcome to NaughtyliciousArt.com!

Hello, and welcome! :)

I've been creating and selling sexy, nude, erotic, pin-up, and sensual artwork for most of my life. I've never been shy nor embarrassed by the human body sans clothes or coverings and certainly never offended by it in the least.

I've sold all my art underneath a single name, Faerydae and my site for most of my work has been ElfWitch.com. However, I've worried about folks wanting to see everything I had listed and looking for spomething cute or sweet, like a fairy, mermaid, halloween art or dragons and winding up starting at some of my nude or erotic artwork and being surprised by having it grouped with less ... subtle items.

So I will start selling all my 'adult' artwork underneath "AKM" and "NaughtyliciousArt.com" from now on.

My new ebay ID for this is: naughtyliciousart . I am sad about having to start my feedback over, but I am confident that I will be able to build that up quickly as I sell more and more work. For people that have not yet bought from me, I have 600+ (100%!) feedback on my other ebay ID, elfwitchcom. You can buy with confidence, as I try very hard to please everyone that purchases art from me!

And a big thank you to all of my collectors that follow me to this new ID! I sincerely appreciate everything that you do and of your continued support of my artwork!

Also created a page for Naughtylicious Art on deviantArt! You can find the page here: http://naughtyliciousart.deviantart.com