February 2020: After several requests for information in regard to commissions, I would like to point those such inquiries to this page: Commissions.

In general I prefer to just create whatever *I* want to create and just find that many times creating on demand is just so incredibly draining unless the person making the request and I have a fluid and comfortable communication style, and they respect that in the end, I am a creator and artist and not some machine that they can order around or make endless demands of ... if the job isn't fun and engaging, understand that I am under NO requirment to continue the project, or even take it on.

I hope in the end, that what I wish to create my audience will respond to and appreciate and want to own it but I understand that sometimes one's heart wants what it wants, lol - and if it can be a positive and fun project and arrangement, then that is just wonderful!

But keep an eye out and you never know, something that you really dig just might crop up! ;)



December 2019: Well, I have to say it's been super nice getting back to all of this! It's been lovely reconnecting to some of my previous collectors who were always so wonderful with supporting my work and also meeting new fans!

I am starting to list fairly regularly on eBay again, so please keep an eye out for my current pieces that are listed for sale there!

I also just launched my Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/NaughtyliciousArt) - where now those that wish to continue to encourage and support my ability to continue to create new artwork can do so by becoming a patreon of my page! I am still trying to learn Patreon and figure out how to best use it for my needs and goals, but have put up two simple tiers for now.

My Patreon page will be where I release sneak peeks of my works in progress (WIPs), share my sketches, and release snaps of my work that hasn't been seen before - and likely more as I learn more about the platform.

In any case, I thank you for your support and your interest in my art and hope that you keep checking back!



November 2019: After a long absence due to a mass of personal drama and just a lot going on ... I am coming back to making more naughty and fun art. I apologize for dropping off the planet, but as a high functioning autistic, when I get overwhelmed I do tend to just absolutely shut down.

But I am slowly emerging from my hermit-hood and digging out my old art supplies for the mediums I tend to use for this type of artwork and stretching out my art muscles and seeing if I remember how to ride this bike. lol.